CPIDR 3 for Mac and Linux

Using the open-source Mono runtime, it is possible to run the CASPR project's CPIDR (Computerized Propositional Idea Density Rater) application under non-Windows operating systems. I have managed to get it running under both Mac OS X (on PowerPC and Intel processors) and Linux.


Before running CPIDR, you must install the current Mono runtime; at the time I write this, it is version 1.2.5, though later versions should suffice as well. It may be obtained from the Mono download page for both Mac and Linux; Linux users may also use the package manager of their choice to install from repositories.

In many Linux configurations, there may be an option as to which subpackages of Mono are installed by the package manager. In this case, the winforms package is required, as CPIDR was compiled against Windows GUI libraries.

Mac users will also need to install the X11 windowing system. For OS X 10.4 and above, this is available on the Mac OS X install disc, but not available as a download from Apple (I don't entirely understand Apple's reasoning, but it's their decision, not mine). Insert the OS X install disc, scroll down to find "Optional Installs", double-click on that package, then choose X11 in the list of packages presented by the installer.

Running CPIDR

OK, now that you've got the prerequisites, you can download CPIDR here:
CPIDR for Mac and Linux (cpidr3.zip)

Now that you've done that:

If all is well, you should see the CPIDR interface.


[CPIDR on Mac OS X 10.4] CPIDR running on Mac OS X 10.4.
[CPIDR on SuSE Linux 10.3] CPIDR running on SuSE Linux 10.3.
[CPIDR on Ubuntu Gutsy] CPIDR running on Ubuntu Linux 7.10 ("Gutsy Gibbon").

Cody Boisclair, 15–19 October 2007